January 29, 2022
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5 things to make staying at home easy!

For some people, this lockdown has been the deadliest nightmare while others it gave ample free time at hand. This free time provides you opportunities to work on yourself and achieve what you always dreamt of but couldn’t fulfil due to lack of time or other reasons. Every human has the same 24 hours in front of him. It is the way how he uses the time that makes him mediocre or successful. Of course, health should be given the utmost priority over other things. That is what this global pandemic has taught us. While staying healthy, grow personally and evolve as a complete person. Here are the top 5 things you should try to make staying at home easy and interesting.


Move your body

Exercising once a day is highly advisable particularly when you can’t go out. Sitting for hours during working from home can put unnecessary pressure on your back and neck muscles and invite health problems in future. So workout for an hour daily to keep you charged and active thorughout the day. Also practice mindfulness. Meditation is to your mind what exercise is to your body. Meditate daily and get to know about yourself by going inside and develop self care. There are unlimited workout videos on youtube to assist you in exercising. Also there are many videos of guided meditation for a peaceful mind. Form a online group and meditate along with others.

Learn a new skill or develop a new habit

Learning is very important to keep your brain healthy. You never get bored of yourself if you keep learning. It takes 21 days to develop a habit and 6 months to master a skill. Invest wisely in yourself now and thank yourself later. Every skill you learn will be useful to you one time or the other. Be a life long learner. This one mindset can make you a highly successful person. As everything has gone online, there are many courses on udemy or coursera that allows you to learn from the world’s top universities. If you are good at a skill you can also teach others by creating a ciurse or masterclass and make a source of income.  

Read books 

A book holds the experience and thoughts of a writer. It takes you through the journey of someone’s life in the form of a story. As said a book is better than 100 friends. Develop reading habit, from fiction to memoirs there are different genre available to take away your boredom. Many apps like kindle, ebook reader , audiobooks etc are launched to help you read or listen to books. You develop a broader perspective by reading. There are self-help books written by word famous authors to help you build up a good personality and overcome all your weaknesses and insecurities. Read about financial mnagements, take notes and start investing. In addition to the above, maintain a journal. Write all your thoughts on a journal and secure it for future. It is interesting and so much fun to read your past experiences after few years. Don’t forget to practice gratitude in your journal. 

Attend virtual networking events 

You are supposed to physically social distance from others. But virtually you can always stay closer to your loved ones. There are many webinars, events happening virtually every day. Nearly thousands of people attend them to improve their network and for business purposes.  Attend virtual networking events, meet new people, hangout with them virtually and improve your connections. This habit is necessary to grow your business. Who knows what goldmine is hidden behind which connection? Talk to as many people as you can, share your story, listen theirs, spread positivity, build up relations and grow during the pandemic and come out stronger than ever.

Contribute to a social cause 

The world is locked down and is under severe depression. Millions of people have lost their jobs while thousands have lost their families. You never know when the last goodbye is. So why stay selfish? This pandemic, grow above selfishness and let’s join together and help each other. Many animals can loose their lives due to a lack of food. Be a saviour for them. Donate food, clothing, money everything in your possibility to help others. Who knows your one small help can mean a life saving to others. Join hands together, raise funds, spread positivity through social media, pray for the victims, form helpline groups and help them get assistance as early as possible to save the life of their loved ones. Few people are short of food also, especially when contacted by covid. Neither can they go out nor can get help from others. Stand up for them. Participate in social activities. Always work for the welfare of others.  

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