September 18, 2021
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6 Best Cameras for Lowlight Photography

Low light conditions always eat up the photo quality that we are looking for and in areas such as Wildlife, Sports, News etc lighting and flashes are either not readily available or are avoided due to various reasons. Hence, you can always turn up to high ISO range for getting brighter photos but on doing so the noise will reduce the picture quality and make it look like a horrible photograph. It is thus required that if you are about to shoot in lowlight areas you must grab a camera that is well enabled to beat the darkness and give you clear images in such conditions as well. As there are various options out there to choose from here is a list of few best cameras for lowlight photography.


Sony has entered the world of hybrid SLR and digital camera’s with its Alpha series and has impressed a lot of professionals due to its amazing low light capturing capabilities. It produces clear images and videos even in dark conditions. It performs so well at high ISO range that makes it a class in this category. With an ISO range of 100 – 102,400, a 12 MP camera, Full frame (35mm) sensor it gives an amazing 4K ultra high definition video. It surely delivers the reliability of Sony and with very low noise at high ISO range it surely is a winner. It may cost you up to $2500.

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It is professional DSLR model that comes with an extremely high quality body and packaging with features that are best for fashion world photographers and other fields as well. Its full frame is a bonus and is surely one of the good ones if not the best in category. However, it is a best choice of camera in terms of low light performance when compared to its closest competitions. It delivers clear images at high ISO range and with its selective range and modes it delivers a really optimized image with low noise at 3200 ISO as well. It is a bit costly due its SLR capabilities and comes at a price of $ 6500. 


It’s an entry level APS sensor DSLR from Nikon with a price range that may question its low light performance. Yet, it is still a great option for those who are looking for a nice entry level option with low light performance. With an undoubted low noise at ISO ranging from 100 to 1600 it proves to be a great camera considering its price tag and features. It is a pocket friendly camera with a price tag of $ 500 along with a lens kit for standard and zoom lens.

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SONY A6000

It is one of the highest rated APS sensors in the market with an eye level viewfinder. It gives tough competition to DSLR due to its lightweight and compact design. The best features are its 24 megapixels camera with an amazing clarity and color depth with a AF Sensor that is a speed master in this class. With 11fps shooting capability it’s definitely for those who want to catch high speed action moves. It is has an ISO range from 100-25,600 that is huge even without being a DSLR, and delivers really no noise at all up to 1600 ISO. It surely is a smart choice for those who will be interested in a high quality non DSLR option. It is priced at $ 550 which is quite low for its performance.


In small sensor categories G7 X offers a really good quality in terms of image quality and design of the camera. In this category it can be considered to be the king for its low light capabilities combined with its high pixel density and color depth. It boasts a truly amazing lens in four third sensors with a stop of 1.8 it adds up to its low light performance and low noise levels at high ISO ranges. It delivers minimum noise up to 800 ISO. The stylish popup flash and turning LCD screen with sleek design makes it a great option. Price wise it is bit on a high side with $ 900 price tag.


PANASONIC LUMIX DMC – FZ1000comes second to Canon in this small sensor category with a great high ISO range performance. It comes with a high zoom lens that is really an add on with a 16x zoom capability. It can capture really clean images at an ISO range of 400 and less, although you can increase the ISO when capturing at high zoom so as to reduce the shake and blurred images. Its color depth and image sharpness are also good. It’s a smartly priced camera with a price tag of $ 800.

Final Words

With these best options available to you now you can surely choose the camera suited to your needs in all three sensor categories. So, now no need to be afraid of posing in darkness with these smart and technologically advanced camera options. Keep clicking!

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