November 28, 2021

Best Mobile App for Doctors to Go Digital with their Practice

Whether it is consultation, treatment, or medical prescription, all these services can be easily accessed through online mediums today. So many medical apps have made healthcare facilities more accessible to patients, irrespective of their locations. Through these apps, patients get to consult doctors anytime and anywhere through texts, calls, and video chats. In this article, we are sharing the best mobile app for doctors. 

Bajaj Finserv Health- Medical App for Doctors 

The features of this medical app for doctors go beyond merely providing online doctor’s appointments. It comes with a host of features that allow doctors to efficiently manage their medical practice. There is a feature for a virtual receptionist to assist you with calls so that you can focus on your practice. Moreover, doctors often end up writing the same prescription again and again. Bajaj Finserv Health offers a smart auto-suggest medicine tool that comes with an extensive database. 

Features of this app 

  • Consults patients through call, chat, or video. 
  • Track weekly or monthly statistics of patients. 
  • View appointments in a comprehensive dashboard. 
  • Auto-suggest medicine tool for an easy prescription. 
  • Send reminders for appointments to patients. 
  • Create and share prescriptions digitally.
  • Check reports and store them securely.       


It is among the fastest healthcare technology organizations that aim to change how healthcare is delivered in the country. Launched in 2014, this iPad solution app for doctors is led by Tanay Surkund and Shekhar Rawtani. The telemedicine app for doctors allows them to generate medically compliant prescriptions, and maintain detailed records of their patients. Presently, it works on a freemium model catering to more than 7000 doctors across 477 cities in India. Doctors from various specialties prefer this app to provide medical services to patients online.

Features of the app 

  • Create prescriptions quickly. 
  • Consult patients online. 
  • Easy patient management. 
  • Track treatment history. 
  • Organize notes and images. 
  • Intelligent prescriptions. 
  • Send reminders to the patients. 
  • Generate reports easily. 



It is another popular app for doctors for online consultation that is gaining immense popularity. The app allows doctors to provide online consultation round-the-clock. You will find doctors in more than 30 specializations in this app. The medical professional can provide consultation through audio calls or video calls. The app has ties with various hospitals across the country. While the first appointment is payable, the follow-ups are free of charge. The app also allows doctors to write prescriptions for the patients through the app. 

Features of the app 

  • Zero registration fees. 
  • Online chat, audio call, or video call with patients.
  • Choose a doctor from more than 30 specialties. 
  • More than 20 health check-up packages.
  • Over 1000 tests are provided. 
  • Acquire online reports within 24 to 48 hours. 

Practo Pro 

Practo Pro is another powerful app to make health seamless for patients and doctors alike. The mobile app for doctors works to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks so that doctors focus more on the patients. There are tons of interesting features that allow doctors to seamlessly communicate with the patients, and offer them the best medical services. There is an excellent support team as well that addresses any issues that the doctors may face while using the app. 

Features of the app 

  • Access to caller ID for better practice management. 
  • Consult patients nationwide through an online communication medium. 
  • Patient feedback to build online credibility. 
  • Automated patient appointments. 
  • Electronic medical records to easily create and share information.

Navia Life Care 

It is a reputed health tech firm that offers voice-based virtual assistants to doctors. The company helps in the development of patient engagement platforms for medical service providers. It focuses on various elements of compliance, communication, and monitoring. Moreover, the platform is built on a standardized template and comes with various customization options. This way, the medical app for doctors offers quick delivery times and scalability. 

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Features of the app 

  • Manages appointments, patients’ records, and video consultation all in one place. 
  • Add and access patients’ profiles easily. 
  • Access medical records, prescriptions, and follow-up records of patients. 
  • Provide consultation through video or audio call. 
  • Voice-enabled digital prescription through Navi smart EMR. 


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The importance of online medical services has grown in the last couple of years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. The online healthcare services allowed us to get in touch with the best doctors in India, hassle-free. Doctors expand their patients’ reach, improve their practices, and build credibility through these mobile medical applications. 


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