October 23, 2021

Best VNO License Consultants in India

If you want to start a VNO ISP by getting a VNO License in India, there are two things that can be said about you. One, you’re driven and want to penetrate the Telecom sector in the most affordable way possible. And two, you are someone who would attempt to get the VNO License on your own. 

Being driven  is a gift. However, don’t let that drive make you ignorant to the realities of VNO license procedure. The process is quite difficult and entails more steps than you see online. Thus, you should not try to get the license on your own. You should delegate the VNO license consultants. 

And this blog is going to help you find them. 

Why do you need VNO License consultants

Unified License for VNO or Virtual Network Operator is a new concept. Introduced in 2018, this unified license has policies that are always on the verge of changing. 

Keeping up with those changes would require you to diver your attention from your business; it’s something that a budding entrepreneur such as yourself can’t afford. This is the root reason you need the aid of consultants. Other reasons that grow out of that root are as follows:

    1. Consultants can keep up with the changes: It’s a full time job for those who provide VNO license in India to stay updated with the rules and regulations of that license. Every day, these consultants browse the website for notifications that can  hint at any recent transformation in the policy. 
    2. Consultants can file the application for you: It wasn’t so long ago when the process of getting VNO License was offline. People thought that this offline aspect was the reason that application filing was a difficult process. They thought wrong. While the official licensing procedure is now offline, the details you need to enter and the legal minefield that you have to go through remains the same. Thus, you need consultant to file the application on your behalf. 
  • Consultants can provide you post filing assistance: Your pains don’t end once you file the application form. You’d need to monitor DOT’s processing of the said application closely, as the possibility of the Department encountering errors with your application exist with a high certainty. Consultants for VNO License, India, provide post filing assistance. It includes monitoring the application on your behalf and dealing with any of its errors that the DOT might encounter. 
  • Consultants can help you fulfil the LOI requirements: Once the application is accepted by the DOT, you get a Letter of Intent. It’s a document that contains information about the financial bank guarantee and entry fees that you’re required deposit before the prescribed date. For a VNO ISP, such requirements are low. However, the bank guarantee document has to be in a proper format – something that banks don’t provide you a hand in. 

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  • In this instance, the VNO license consultants can help you draft a Bank Guarantee document format so that you can fulfil your guarantee requirements on time. 

How can you find the right VNO consultants

Unfortunately, there are not many consultants that can provide the aforementioned services. Thus, you need to follow these tips to find the right VNO License service providers;

  1. Ask about the meaning of VNO License. The very first question that you should put forth in front of your prospective consultant is What is VNO License? The answer is pretty straightforward. And when you get it, you’d know that you have made the right choice. 
  2. Ask about the Timeline: Obtaining VNO license in India is a time-taking matter. You’re not going to get your hands on the VNO license agreement within a day, or a month. If someone claims to provide you the license within one week, keep searching for other service providers.
  3. Ask about the price: Obtaining VNO license is a very heavy task. It requires knowledge of the policies, and the underlying terms and conditions of the registration. Thus, you won’t get the license super-cheap. You’d have to pay a reasonable price., especially if you want the right service provider. 


In this article, you’ve read the reason you need a VNO license consultant and ways to find the right one. If you need further assistance in this matter, consult with Registrationwala.  

Who are the best VNO License consultants in India? There are many who claim the same, but there are few who can actually deliver. Read this blog to separate legitimate VNO license consultant from the fake ones.

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