January 29, 2022
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Can Electrician Apprenticeship Help Industrial Electricians?

An electrical apprenticeship opens doors for industrial electricians to gain practical exposure during their training. As a result, they work with electrical contractors and maintenance departments. Besides, they often work in mines, factories, plants, and other industrial businesses. In general, electricians typically undergo some vocational training, including an electrical apprenticeship.

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Plus, a license and continuing education are required. Industrial electricians keep business facilities running by installing lighting fixtures, doing maintenance, and replacing obsolete wiring.

Job Description For An Industrial Electrician

The job of an industrial electrician concerns testing, maintaining and repairing, electrical appliances. Since electrical equipment is now more natural than ever before, industrial electricians are in high demand. Most industrial electricians obtain full-time situations with large employers, though some electricians work on an autonomous contract. 

Employers that hire industrial electricians involve electrical firms, motor vehicle manufacturers, mining companies, steel producers, and parts manufacturers. Electricians who are familiar with robotic tools generally have an advantage over their competitors.

Industrial electricians may work in complex sectors. Apart from that, they often work primarily in sustaining or construction, and their distinct duties may depend on the employer. 

What Sort Of Skills And Abilities Do You Require?

It would help if you consider electrician trade schools and follow training and course to be an electrician. Doing a program is an excellent way to see if you’d like to do this kind of trade. Then, sink your feet into the industry by doing a system in industrial or automotive electrical technology. Finally, to be a licensed electrician, you need to do an electrician apprenticeship. 

electrician trade schools


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An apprenticeship is an excellent way to get an in-demand degree and get rewarded while you learn. Plus, you can also consider automation trade programs to enhance your skills. You don’t need to have earlier skills, and anyone of working age can become an apprentice. 

An apprenticeship regularly lasts four years, and you will obtain first-hand experience. You will also have a verified electrician certification at the end.

Essential skills for an electrician include:

  • communication skills
  • teamwork
  • Motivation from self
  • powerful attention to detail
  • capacity to problem solve
  • a passion for repairing and fixing
  • resourcefulness

Education And Career Obligations For An Industrial Electrician

An easy way to become an industrial electrician is to complete an apprenticeship. Apart from that, if they enroll you in a certification program through a community college. Also, they may take credit for an Associate of Applied Science.

Moreover, courses may comprise electrical wiring, electrical controls, electricity fundamentals, blueprint reading, and electrical code. Besides, prospective apprentices may find programs sponsored by:-

 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) or 

 National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) or

follow training standards developed by the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. 

Meanwhile, another training option is to start with a school program in industrial electrical technology. Further, you can consider the associate’s degree or certificate level. 

After finishing an apprenticeship, the applicant can take a state examination to mature licensed as a journeyman electrician. While some states offer licenses for journeyman industrial electricians, others provide a general journeyman license covering all pursuits.

Although for a different experience, you can consider other courses for electricians determined by the state. Besides, industrial electricians must take continuing education classes throughout their working life to keep up with changes in the field. It may include taking courses in National Electrical Code changes and management and security training.

Quick Facts About Industrial Electrician Work

  • Most industrial electricians work full-time.
  • The number of people accomplishing as electricians have grown very enormously over the prior five years.
  • The desire for electricians will continue to expand over the next ten years.
  • It is an extensive occupation.
  • Most industrial electricians work around 50 hours per week.
  • The most crucial education level of most electricians is electrician certification.
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The Concluding Notes

According to the BLS survey, the average salary of industrial electricians is $98,720 or more per year. Moreover, the job outlook for electricians is good. The BLS has predicted employment for these workers to rise more than the average through 2029.

As a result, our students can now earn a lot of money in nearby counties like Powelton Village, North Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and North Philadelphia East.

Consequently, it’s the best time if you are positive to become an electrician and want to begin your electrical career. Therefore book your classes with PTTI today!

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