September 18, 2021

Dolphin APK to Get Pleasant and Fast Browsing Experience

Dolphin APK – The Dolphin Browser is a perfect Android browser. The specially developed browsers offer you quick loading speed, AdBlock, sidebars, HTML5 video player, flash player, tab bar and incognito browsing for the Android platform. It is the best substitute for browsing your internet from your Android screen. Apart from that, this fast browser comes with lots of interesting features that allow you to get a matchless browsing experience.

Sonar is a foremost tool available in this Dolphin browser that will surely grab the attention of many Android users.  The best tool helps you to perform many Internet findings by bookmark preferred sites, voice dictation and manage the social networks. Additionally, you can draw the gestures on your display for accessing various web sites quickly. The best Android browser also comes with some other interesting tools that let you create the gestures along with fingers for accessing different web pages. By using this facility, you can easily draw the “U” on your display for accessing Uptodown.

Apart from this, the great application is also compatible with above 60 exclusive add-ons. These are excellent resources that help you to add many features to the browser. Anyone can download the add-ons from the interface of an application directly.  This browser also has an excellent interface that lets users jump between the tabs easily, allowing them to open anyone simultaneously. In short, the Dolphin browser is a fantastic browser that comes with a functional and nice interface, many add-ons, and an array of extensions and optimum speed that will surely please every user.

Touch friendly

This browser features a complete multi-touch support.  Users can easily navigate around the sites by using finger and zoom in by pinching or tapping.  The new version of this browser adds more support for the touch gestures. It let you draw a symbol or letter from the display for access a particular site and perform any task.

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Getting around fast

Practically, Dolphin Browser consists of auto-complete that speeds up the URL entry by properly suggesting similar matches from the bookmarks of a web. It also has voice search option which is powered by the Google that functions very well.

It is very fast, and it consists of complete HTML5 support.  Unlike Skyfire, it supports the Flash video option within a browser, as well as rather than it will prompt a user to launch a separate player.

Plug into new features

Dolphin browser does not include many advanced features that can be a portion of a reason for the streamlined performance of it. Though, users can easily beef up the capabilities of this browser by installing the best add-ons that are available from the slide-out panel located on a right side of your screen. It has some additional downloadable options that include YouTube search, Google Translate, password manager and Ad blocker

Dolphin APK

Great features of Dolphin APK browser

The Dolphin browser comes with lots of specialized features that allows you to get an enhanced browsing experience on your Android devices. Here are the finest features of Dolphin browser as follow:

  • Flash player

You can get the enhanced video and best gaming experience with a flash player for the Android support on this Dolphin browser that you can’t find in other internet browsers.

  • Multiple tabs bar

The tabs bars can display the open tabs, as well as lets you easily switch between the tabs by just swiping. Allows you browse the web similar to desktop & PC browser

  • AdBlock

It is the best and most popular AdBlock Browser.  By using the AdBlocker of Dolphin browser, you can easily block ads, ad-videos, banners, and popups.

  • Add-ons & Bookmarks sidebar

You can access this facility by swiping smoothly to a right side from a left side of your screen and displays your browsing history and bookmarks. When you swipe to left side, you can get the exceptional services with the add-ons like Video Downloader, Dolphin translate, and Web to PDF.

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  • Personalized search

You can switch the search engine easily with Duckduckgo, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Google and much more.

  • Incognito browsing

This mode provides you original private browsing feel without leaving your history data.

  • Very Fast download

Download Flash videos, HTML5 and much more with very fast speed from the Internet with a video downloader. Additionally, you can easily move or delete the downloaded files in a file manager

  • Fast navigation and clean UI

You can get fast access to leading localized sites. Apart from that, you can add the most visited sites because the speed dial icons organize them smoothly with a one-touch access and user interface.

  • Sync

You can sync the passwords, history, and bookmarks. Additionally, you can easily push and open websites and tables across iPad, iPhone, Android, mobile and desktop browser such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome using this Dolphin connect.  Users can enjoy the Flash content easily pushed from the desktop browser by using a flash player for your Android device.

  • Themes

You can customize wallpapers and theme colors to make them unique.

  • Sonar

It allows you to use the voice to share and search your highly preferred social networks, navigate a web and bookmark much-beloved websites. You can find without typing with Duckduckgo, Yahoo or Bing.

  • Gesture

You can access an internet connection by creating a Gesture for both common features and websites.

Use the Dolphin APK Browser on your Mac or PC for free

At present, most of the people a laptop/PC and apparently it requires the Internet connection. There are many browsers available to surf online, so people face some challenges while choosing the right one. For reducing the difficulty level, the following passage comes with useful information regarding the right default browser, which is popularly known as PC Dolphin Browser. You can use dolphin apk on PC to enjoy numerous conveniences for free.

Dolphin browser is the Android based web browser used and downloaded by many users globally. It is a real competition to other popular browsers such as Chrome and Opera. Many individuals on Android platform prefer this Dolphin because this browser opens the sites very fast because of its capability of compressing web page to the considerable amount.

Dolphin APK Browser features for your Windows PC

  • It has simple and smart user interface which will allow you to do several things easily and never require looking any other user guide
  • You can utilize the speed dialing option for locating the highly visited websites and bookmarked pages
  • It is reliable, fast and saves more data because it loads the web pages completely in compressed format
  • It has everything that the browser must include
  • Best video and gaming experience with the flash player which is only enabled in Dolphin browser
  • You can download files with the lighting speed

Steps to quickly Install Dolphin APK Browser for Android:

  • You can do the Google Play Store
  • You can sign-in with the Google account
  • You can type as Dolphin browser in a search box and then you will be immediately directed to the official download page of Android version
  • It is completely free to download so that you can find the install option
  • Once you find it, you can click on install button
  • Finally, the app can be quickly downloaded as well as installed on your Android device

Guide to install and download Dolphin apk for PC/laptop Windows 8.1,8,7

This installation process helps you to download as well as install the Dolphin apk without encountering any issues. Additionally, it also helps you to complete the task as soon as possible.

  • You can open the Bluestacks application player on Windows PC
  • You can ensure that you log in using the Gmail address. Otherwise, you can go to the settings -> accounts as well as login with the Gmail.
  • After that, you can come again to a home page in the BlueStacks.
  • You can use a search option and type as “Dolphin browser.”
  • Quickly, you find the app and install it by using a Play Store available in BlueStacks
  • Finally, you can open it as well as download the apk files
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How to easily install a Dolphin Browser for your MAC

You can use safari browser on Mac for a better experience.  For getting enhanced browsing experience, you can use Dolphin because it brings you numerous Android features on your Mac. Running the Android applications on your Mac devices becomes cumbersome and hard so best smooth experience you require having a right emulator for fun. It is recommended to use the Bluestacks Android emulator on your Mac.

  • Download & install the bluestacks emulator for free on Mac
  • You can find the “Dolphin browser”  as well as click for installing it
  • This app will be installed automatically after getting fully downloaded
  • It has installed later, and icon of it can be available in Menu
  • You can finally start browsing as well as enjoy the great power of your internet connection


Overall, the Dolphin apk is an awesome and powerful browser ideal for Android which offers pleasant, fast and simple web browsing experience. The downloading and installation guide helps you to download and install Dolphin apk for your Mac and Android.

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