November 28, 2021

How You Can Prepare From Covid-19 Third Wave With Bajaj Finserv Health Insurance

The Covid-19 pandemic is still very much ongoing. As per reports, a third wave of the virus is likely to hit India recently. It has resulted in bouts of panic all over the country. However, worrying about the third wave will do no good. And since the country has almost gone back to normalcy, you need to take self-precautionary measures to keep yourself safe. 

You can use Bajaj Finserv Online Health Insurance App to ensure that you are taking the necessary precautions to stay fit during the third wave. Check out the different safety measures that you can take to prepare yourself for the third wave of the pandemic. 

  1.   Get The Vaccine

It is crucial for you to take the vaccine to prevent yourself from contracting the virus. Stop listening to rumours which state that the vaccines are not efficient. The vaccination drive is ongoing in the country for all citizens above 18 years. You need to book your slot as soon as possible if you still haven’t taken the vaccine. 

If you have taken the first dose of the vaccine, it is not enough. You still need to take the second dose to ensure that the vaccine becomes effective. Moreover, even if you got Covid-19 in the past, you still need to get the vaccine. However, you need to wait for a certain period after recovering from the virus. Know about the time period from a doctor and then book your vaccine slot.

 2.Wear Your Masks

Indian citizens have conveniently forgotten the importance of wearing masks after certain relaxations were provided in the unlock phase. You must remember that the pandemic is still there. The masks will be our companions for quite a long time. So, make them your best friend. Moreover, you must be habituated to walking with your masks on by now.

Even if you are double-vaccinated, you still need to wear your masks. While you may not be affected by the virus after being double-vaccinated, you can be the bearer of the virus. Others can get the virus from you. You need to remember that children of the nation have still not been vaccinated. 

The virus can affect young children as well. If we can prevent the spread of the virus by doing the simple act of wearing a mask, we should all do our bit. You should also wear your masks if you have got the virus before. 

  1. Maintain Social Distance
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You must not forget the importance of social distancing. You need to avoid going to crowded places to prevent the further spread of the virus. The advancement of technology has enabled us to do most of our work from the convenience of our homes. So, try staying at home as much as possible.

Suppose you need to buy groceries. Instead of going to the crowded supermarket, you can place your order online. Instead of going out to eat, try getting home deliveries. Additionally, try to pay digitally in case of online orders as much as possible. Cash transactions can be a potential source of the virus. You should also remember to sanitise all online orders before bringing them inside your home.

  1. Go For Online Doctor Consultation

Even if you have the slightest symptoms, consult doctor online. Online doctor consultations are a lot more convenient than going to the doctor’s chamber. Moreover, if you have the virus, going to the doctor’s chamber might cause you to spread the virus to other patients. Since all kinds of patients are coming to the doctor’s clinic, you might get the virus from one of them.

Therefore, it is better to avoid going to the doctor’s clinic unless you have serious symptoms. Nowadays, electronic health records ensure that the doctors have the case history of patients in front of them. So, the need for showing past prescriptions to remind the doctors about your medications and case history won’t be there. Besides, you will also be saved from having to wait at the doctor’s clinic for hours.

Final Thoughts

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 You must remember to take these precautions to stay safe from the third wave of the pandemic. Additionally, do not panic unnecessarily about the third wave.  

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