September 18, 2021

Top 5 Laptop Bags that you should carry along you while travelling

In today’s modern world, Laptops have replaced the bulkier PC’s in most households as they are easy to carry and far more comfortable. But buying a laptop is a significant investment and therefore you must be extra careful with it for its utmost safety. And due to this, it is advisable that you must purchase a good laptop bag which will not only keep your laptop safe and secure when it is not in use, but will also make it easier for you to carry your laptop. Moreover, you can also keep other laptop accessories which include USB drives, chargers and data cables together in the laptop bag and can use them whenever you want. But as you look into various laptops before selecting the best one for you, similarly you should also have a fair look before selecting the laptop bags and should select only the one which is the best to carry while traveling. Here is a list of some of the best laptop bags from which you can easily choose from –

Barry’s Farm Fury Monster

Available at a price of around 3500 rupees, this bag which is made of fur is one of the best in the market. Its attractive look combined with sleek finish and modern design makes it light and easy to carry. You just have to tuck in your laptop in the bag and be rest assured that it is at one of the safest places. The bag has good spaces to hold other luggage as well and the shape of a monster’s face through which the laptop slides in is both attractive and comfortable.

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Laptop Bags

Oakley’s men’s kitchen sink backpack

This backpack from Oakley’s is easily one of the most convenient as well as comfortable backpacks which are currently available in the market. This bag is made for adventure seekers who require a strong bag during their outdoor activities like camping or hiking. The backpack comes with great quality, durability, stylish finish and various other components which add to its overall versatility. There are many compartments in the bag and it also has clips for attaching various things. The straps are adjustable and the side nettings are also provided for keeping water bottles.

Belkin Slim Polyester Backpack

This is a perfect backpack for on-the-go commuters and students who need to carry their laptops and notebooks with them to their respective institutions. Sleek in design and with a fine polyester finish, the backpack provides various compartments and can even hold your wallets, extra batteries, cell phone and keys etc. The bag is very lightweight and easy to handle and is resistant to scratching and tearing. The bag also has a headphone grommet and comes at a cheap and affordable price.

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Evernote Abrasus Triangle Commuter

This triangle shaped bag is one of the most practical bags available in the market currently. The most annoying thing about most of the laptop bags is whereby all of your gear falls to the bottom and then all of it ends up in a mess. But in this bag from Evernote, many things have been done in quite a different manner as the bag has been made with a sturdy as well as a rigid bottom. Due to this, the items can stand up and can be prevented from falling in a mess. Moreover the bag has many pockets which can be used to store your phones, iPads, wallets and various others things. There is also a see-through zipped pocket which is located on the front to add more storage to the bag. The laptop section of the bag is padded in order to provide extensive protection to your laptop.

BlueLounge Backpack

This bag has a big size and can hold a 17” notebook easily, this is made out of durable fabric which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and it consists of a padded tablet pocket, a discrete vertical zippered section in addition to a rolled top design and an industrial finish.

Final Words

For the best security and protection of your laptops while you are carrying them, it is extremely necessary to have the best backpacks. And by choosing any of the above mentioned backpacks, you can be rest assured that your laptop and even your other accessories can be kept safe and protected.

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