September 18, 2021

10 Music Editing Apps for Users using iOS Smart Phones

The music editing apps are quite useful especially when the user wants to get rid of those extra or irrelevant parts in the track. Also while performing on different songs; this application can be very useful for joining two pieces by eliminating parts which are a complete waste and should not form part of the song. Various softwares have been developed which can help users for editing the audio tracks, thus saving the valuable time of individuals which otherwise gets wasted on editing the music files. To avoid long procedures of editing music files, user needs to have access to smart phones with an intelligent app installed within it. Below mentioned are some of the useful apps which can be used for editing music files stored on the device.

VC Audio Pro

This app was initially designed by the broadcasters, and it can be used by the people who would like to record and edit the audio files saved on iPhone. The app has various in built functions namely editing multi tracks at a time, a perfect sound mixer, arranging clips in the best possible way and also displays the volume curve for the user.

Recorder and Editor

This app again allows the user to record music files and edits them according to the choice of the user. This application is a paid service and it allows the user to cut, arrange and share the files after arranging them according to the sensitivity on microphones. Such music files can be shared between users through emails or through social networking websites such as  Twitter, etc.

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Voxie Pro Recorder

This app is the favourite of the users which is the reason it has been appreciated with good reviews and ratings of the consumers. With this recorder, user can collect notes, record voice notes and also collect useful and suitable information on the app.

music editing apps

MultiTrack DAW

This app has emerged as one of the greatest support for musicians who are too keen to record their music files. Now these musicians no more requires a studio for recording their music, all of this can be done with the help of this app. Edit and release the songs by saving the files on the app.

Garage Band

It does not matter if the user is an amateur or a professional, this app can be used by almost everyone. While recording the music one can use orchestra, also feature jamming session can also be used for playing and recording the tracks with friends.

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Hindenburg Field Recorder

The app has way above cost in comparison to other apps, which keeps the app restricted to professional users. The app has various features and capabilities thus making it a lot useful for the users of the app. This app is considered as non destructive just because it has complete undo and redo facilities to give option to the user to make changes in the file as and when required.

Pocket WavePad

This app is available for free, especially when so many features are offered against no price of the app. So record a music file, edit them, and add effects to the same and save complete project on to the device. The app offers complete features to the user to make it a complete useful app.

Hokusai Audio Editor

With this app, one can edit multiple tracks simultaneously and then they can be mixed together. The files recorder can then be exported to WAV or mp4 format on the device.

TwistedWave Audio Editor

Record and add effects to the audio files and then save them in WAV, AIFF, CAF and other supported formats on the device. Such music files can then be conveniently exported to iTunes on the device.


Record 24 tracks on the app, then edit and mix them to give effects to the file. The ideas striking in while recording the music files can be imbibed within to create some of the master pieces. So with this app you can create music anytime and anywhere you want.

Final Say

Although it would be difficult to chose that which one is the best app to use, but it is for sure that all these apps can be tried and experimented to create some of the best music pieces and add on to the experience of using such apps.

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