October 23, 2021

Nose Blockage And The Problems Associated With It

Many people desperately search for a sore inside nose that won’t heal treatment options. It is a painful conditional. A blocked nose can be caused due to multiple reasons. It can make a person stressed as well. People find it hard to breathe properly when they have a nasal blockage. If the problem persists, you must go and see a doctor. This article will explain in detail the causes of nose blockages. 

What Is Nose Blockage? 

It is a common condition. A blocked nose is also known as a stuffy nose. It is a representation of some underlying issue, such as a sinus infection. When a person is suffering from a nose blockage, the symptoms of pain in the sinus or runny nose will be prominent. Some people also complain about the mucus buildup and the swelling of nasal tissue. This can also happen when you are experiencing an airway infection as well.  

Causes Of Nose Congestion

There are multiple causes of nasal congestion. Most people suffer from this condition because they have a common cold or flu. A stuffy nose is also a symptom of respiratory infection. Blockages from these conditions can take one or two weeks to be healed. If the duration of the congestion is more, it means it is caused by another factor. 

sore inside nose

These factors can include the ingestion of any irritant from the environment. People who have allergies also suffer from nose blockages. Hay fever also shows itself in the form of blocked sinuses. If you have any non-cancerous growth in the nose or benign tumor, you will suffer from nasal congestion. 

If you had any previous exposure to a chemical irritant for a long time, you would experience a blocked nose. Some people have deviated septum, and they have nose blockages regularly. It is also observed that pregnant women also suffer from nasal congestion. 

The reason behind this is the fluctuation of the hormones. It happens commonly at the end of the first trimester. The blood supply to the body is increased during pregnancy, and it can cause nasal congestion. It is common to experience nasal congestion. If you have frequent bleeds along with the blockage, you should visit a doctor. 

Home Remedies

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If you are experiencing nasal congestion because of common cold and flu, you can treat it at home. There are multiple home remedies available for this blockage. You can just take deep breathes in a steamer. It will help in giving a soothing effect and opening of the sinuses. You can also use humidifiers. If you are suffering from asthma, you have to consult your doctor before using a humidifier. The blocked nose is because of the piled-up mucus. You can keep your head upon the pillows to ease the mucus flow. Doctors also recommend using saline sprays to reduce the thickness of the blockages. 

If you have children or an infant who is suffering from this congestion, immediately seek medical help. These problems can interfere with feeding problems and decrease speech and hearing development. 


If you have chronic nasal congestion, you must consult doctors. They will usually suggest medications to provide instant relief. The medications will also be dependent on the cause of the nasal blockage. If it is due to allergies, they will suggest oral anti-histamines. 

These can include Zyrtec and Claritin. For patients who don’t want to take oral medicines, the doctor recommends using nasal sprays or anti-histamines. These oral-nasal sprays include Astelin. Over-the-counter medications are also helpful in giving relief. Nasal steroids and antibiotics are also given to fight the harmful germs. 

If you are looking for a sore inside nose that won’t heal treatment options, you can try home remedies. Using a humidifier or keeping your head upon the pillow can help. Taking long breaths in the steamers can also provide a soothing effect to the sinuses. If you have any allergies and these conditions keep on becoming worse, you should see a doctor. Medical healthcare professionals will suggest over-the-counter medication and oral anti-histamines.

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