January 29, 2022

Temporary Uplinking: General Conditions, Eligibility Criteria, Procedure & Documents

If you want to broadcast a programme live, you need to obtain the permission of Temporary uplinking from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. 

Temporary uplinking is transmitting an event live from an earth station to the satellite for live telecast on a temporary basis. In this article, we discuss the following about this facility. 

  1. What are the general conditions of temporary uplinking
  2. Eligibility Criteria for the permission to establish a temporary uplink
  3. The procedure to apply for said permission
  4. Documents required for temporary uplinking

What are the general conditions to establish temporary uplink in India?

As per the rules specified by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, following are the terms and conditions on which temporary uplinking permission is issued:

  1. The applicant company must comply to all the terms and conditions under the non-news and current affairs TV channel category
  2. It’s required that the Programme Code mentioned in the Cable Television network (Regulation) Act, 1995 is followed to the tee. 
  3. The applicant would only be allowed to uplink the event on a permitted frequency band. 
  4. Once the event is over, it’s the applicant’s duty to maintain the records of the live telecast for three months. During this time, the government of India might ask for those records for assessment. 
  5. The TV channel must not broadcast a live event that has the potential to incite religious sentiments or disturb the law & order or communal harmony of the country. Furthermore, under no circumstance should a live event have the potential to take a communal stance or religious propaganda. 
  6. A non-news TV channel isn’t allowed to air a live event pertaining to a news TV channel. 
  7. It’s the responsibility of the channel to make all the participants aware of the code of conduct  of the live telecast. If later the Ministry of Broadcasting receives any complaint, then the TV channel and not the participants would be held responsible. 
  8. The applicant is only allowed live telecast an event up for the time it has been given permission to in the temporary uplinking. 
  9. Within one week of the live telecast event, the applicant has to submit the video recording of the telecasted event to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. 
  10. The permission issued of uplink temporary service to the applicant is subject to the permitted frequency, a permission that’s under the jurisdiction of WPC. 


What is the eligibility criteria to obtain the permission of temporary uplinking?

A non-news and current affairs TV channel who wished to uplink a live event on the same channel is eligible to apply for the permission of temporary uplink. 

What is the procedure to apply for temporary uplinking in India?

To apply for the permission of temporary uplinking, the applicant has to follow the following procedure:

  1. Furnish the required documents. 
  2. File the application of temporary uplink via the Broadcastsewa portal. 
  3. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will take several parameters into consideration including permitted frequency band and past conduct of the applicant when assessing the applicant’s request. 
  4. If the Ministry is satisfied with the assessment of the applicant, the applicant will obtain permission to temporary uplink the live event. 

What are the documents required for permission to establish a temporary uplink?

The applicant is required to furnish the following documents to obtain the permission to temporary uplink an event for live telecast:

  1. Authorization letter that gives power to the applicant to apply for the permission of temporary uplinking
  2. If the applicant is not the organizer of the event to be live-telecasted, then authorization from the event organizer is required
  3. Consent letter issued by the TV channel on which the live event telecast is proposed, if the applicant doesn’t own the TV channel. 
  4. Consent from the agency that’s providing the equipment to be used during the event. 
  5. Valid WPC license of the equipment to be used for establishing a temporary uplink. 


Live telecasting an event requires the permission for establishing a temporary uplink. In this article, we have explained how an applicant can initiate the procedure and star the live telecast. 

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It’s imperative that the applicant takes care when applying for the same, as the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is particularly stringent when it comes to scrutinizing the application. 

If the applicant feels like something is missing, or needs assistance in the application procedure, Broadcasting consultants of Registrationwala should be sought out.

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