November 28, 2021

Vehant Technologies – Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions

In today’s fast-paced and digital world, people want to execute all their work fast. Whether it is shopping something online, reaching a place, or availing the required services/information, they don’t like to wait for even two to five minutes. Their hurry becomes a security threat to their life at their business site, workplace, home, or roads. A single mistake takes other people along with a few arrogant/fast people into danger. Here, a country with its cities and villages needs to enforce tough regulations and ensure safety of all people. 

And when it comes to Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions, you can come across many technology companies in India and abroad. Vehant Technologies is one of them. For the last 15 years, this company has been serving many public and private agencies to enforce security and traffic safety at their premises and public places.  

What Security and Traffic Solutions does it offer?

Vehant Technologies has an extensive array of products to help public and private entities to secure and safeguard the life of common people. The solutions offered by this company fall into two categories:

  • Security Screening Solutions – Under this category, the company offers NuvoScan Under Vehicle Scanning System in four versions, KritiScan X-Ray Baggage Scanner with different capabilities, NanoSniffer Explosives Trace Detector, and VehiScan Automated License Plate Reading System.    

Smart and Safe City Solutions – Its Traffic Solutions, also known as Smart and Safe City Solutions, fall under two categories – Traffic Enforcement System and Traffic Management System. Each category has more than 3 solutions. You will find the right solution whether you want to detect red light violation, speed violation, wrong way, no helmet, or three riding on a bike/scooter. Further, you will have the right solution whether you want to detect a vehicle or recognise a vehicle number plate.  


Features of Vehant Technologies’s Security and Traffic Solutions        

Its Security and Traffic Solutions come with all the sophisticated features to enable public/private entities to attain their goals in security and traffic management. Here are some exclusive features of these solutions: 

  • Highly portable 
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain 
  • Designed to ease your security and traffic enforcement and management 
  • AI enabled systems 
  • In-built devices to detect a specific issue and enforce traffic rules

Why should you go for Vehant’s Security and Traffic Solutions 

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Vehant Technologies has become the first choice of many private and government entities for Security and Traffic Solutions. Going through the following USPs will enable you comprehend why you should connect with Vehant for your security and traffic concerns:

  • Sophisticated and relevant AI-based solutions 
  • Your true partner in making a place secure, managing traffic, and enforcing traffic rules & regulations 
  • More than 15 years of industry experience 
  • 24*7*365 support services 
  • Installation and operational guidance 
  • A team of highly skilled and experienced professionals 
  • Transparent policy and ethical business dealings 
  • Real-time solutions with updated technology  


Vehant Technologies is your real friend when it comes to having the most secure and safest place and managing traffic on crowded city roads in India and abroad. Its solutions are highly useful for you when you comprehend the respective features and know how to install, operate, and maintain the same.

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